Note from the Chase Chronicles - July 1919

                                  WILLIAM E. GOULD

"With sincere regret, it becomes our sad duty to record the death of
Mr. Wm. Gould, the founder of the Chase Chronicle and during most of
its existence, its Editor, which position he held at the time of his

He was a rare man, as will be seen from the following excellent
obituary notice which we reprint from the columns of the Boston
Transcript, and our Association has met with a real loss.


                              (Boston Transcript, April 19, 1919.)

                           AN AUTHORITY ON GENEALOGY

William Edward Gould, a Native of Portland, Maine Who Was of Mayflower
Ancestry, Wrote the History of Several Families.

William Edward Gould, who after a short illness died on April 15, 1919
at the age of almost eighty-two years at his residence at 18
Huntington avenue, was of Mayflower ancestry and the eldest so of
Edward Gould and Althea (Chase) Gould of Portland, ME. His life, until
recent years, was passed in that place where when a young man he was
organist of the Third Parish Church.

When twenty-one years old he was appointed cashier of the First
National Bank of Portland, which institution he built up to be a
leading bank in Maine. His interest in music continued and he was for
some years president of the Haydn Society of Portland. He also led an
amateur orchestra and choral society, which met in his residence in
Deering. He founded and was executive officer of the Portland Society
of Art. In work in behalf of charity he aided foreign and domestic
missions and struggling churches. He founded the Woodfords
Congregational Church, and often occupied pulpits in Maine. The Church
Society at Ligonia was his special charge for years.

Since his retirement from active business, genealogy had been Mr.
Gould's special interest, and he was a frequent contributor to the
genealogical columns of the Transcript. He was editor of the Chase
Chronicle the organ of the Chase-Chace Family Association. The April,
1919, number was his last literary contribution. He wrote the history
of the Gould, Chase and Maynard families, and presented
extra-illustrated copies to the Maine Historical Society, The New
England Historic-Genealogical Society and to the Gorham, ME.,
Historical Society.

On April 27, 1859, Mr Gould was married to Emma Maynard Dow, second
daughter of Hon. Neal Dow of Portland, the "father of prohibition."
Mrs. Gould died on Feb. 22 last. They had five children, of whom two
survive - Alice Maynard Gould, now the wife of Everett W. Pattison, an
attorney of St. Louis Mo., and Neal Dow Gould of Portland. He is also
survived by his brother Major John M. Gould of Portland, a member of
our Association and by a sister, Mrs. Elizabeth McLellan Gould Rowland
who resides not far from Boston. Other surviving relatives are Samuel
Chase Gould and Miss Maria Dwight Gould, both of Portland, Maine."


Issue of Oct. - Dec. 1926

                         A NEW HAMPSHIRE WOMAN

  "I met an old lady in New Hampshire, who, as a young woman, had an
adventure. One day being late for a train she had hurried into the
station and got into the first car she came to. A few minutes after
they had moved off she was aware that the only other occupant of the
car sitting some way in front of her was smoking a cigar.

This being against all the rules, and she being strong for women's
rights, she thought it her duty to protest. She accordingly approached
the offender, a gentleman with a strong black beard, who was sitting
by an open window reading and smoking a heavy cigar. Placing herself
firmly in front of him she asked whether he knew that he was
infringing regulations and making himself a nuisance to his fellow
travelers. Without a word he threw the cigar out of the window and
continued to read. Somewhat abashed she went back to her seat,
conscious of at least having fulfilled her duty. Some ten minutes
afterwards an attendant appeared and approaching her said, "are you
aware, madam, that you are traveling in Gen. Grant's private car?"


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