Credit Card Fraud...

The credit card issues constantly release new exploding fraud figures, mostly related to Internet and telephone transactions where fraud rose by 138 percent year-on-year.

Our "due diligence" procedures at WebNests have saved innocent victims, banks and other merchants  tens of thousands of dollars.  In cooperation with Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American Express, we automatically turn over all pertinent information to the United States Secret Service, the governmental branch now responsible for credit card fraud.

Because of the lack of face-to-face transactions, the internet appears to be a "safe haven" for those who think it is easy and clever to commit credit card fraud.  However, the institution of ENUM and other technology may soon put an end to this crime.  

While large merchants figure card misuse into the cost of doing business, small merchants can be devastated by fraudulent orders.

We urge our e-commerce customers to post a notice and participate in these procedures.  Local Secret Service offices are established throughout the US.  You may obtain telephone numbers and information by contacting the NIPC field office nearest you.