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Unlimited auto responders - also known as infobots, these are files that will be automatically returned to a E-Mail request. For example if you wanted to distribute a price list for potential customers you might create a file called "prices", if someone E-mails this file would be automatically returned to your potential customer. You also have the ability to capture the requesting E-Mail for future use.

Unlimited mailing lists - This is one of the most powerful features of the Power PlusMailtm System. By placing a simple text file of E-Mail addresses on your domain you can easily build a mailing list of up to a thousand addresses. This is linked to your autoresponder robot, when a request comes in for a file from one of your potential customers, the requesters E-Mail automatically gets placed in your mailing list. You are then able to send updates and information on new products by simply mailing to your mailing list file. For example, if your list is named "clients", you would E-Mail and the entire list would get the information you want distributed. You may also use this for a number of marketing services, such as, electronic newsletters, an information exchange network, or just a simple list server that you can have visitors subscribe to.

Unlimited E-Mail aliases: -Each domain comes with an online POP which allows mail retrieval via popular E-mail programs, like Eudora. You may also create any number of aliases and forward each aliase to a different receiving address. Best of all, this is all done by modifying a simple text file.

Example: you want to first, have all mail that's not listed in your redirect file to go the Then you want three addresses sent to clients that you allow to use space on your Website. So you have Frank who wants mail sent to, John who wants mail sent to and finally Marty who wants mail to go to and to achieve this you would simply create a text file that looks like the following:

Default this is where all mail will go that's not listed

That's all there is to creating an alias file.