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New User Resources

  • The Internet for Beginners
    New to the Net? Here are a LOT of answers. A great place to begin with explanations about Email, CGI, FTP and lots more!

  • Accept Credit Cards
    The best and fastest way to start accepting credit cards. Instant authorization for you and your customers.

HTML Authoring and Editors
CSS Free Online Tutorials (Cascading Style Sheets) 
Primers, Tricks & Tips

  • ZDNET developer- When you've learned HTML, move on to making life easier and hone your design skills with CSS.

MS Office Free Online Tutorials

Dreamweaver Free Online Tutorials

  • Dreamweaver Techniques 
    Each month, the Dreamweaver Developers Center features explanations of intermediate-to-advanced web development techniques. With demonstration of the technique, step-by-step instructions for reproducing it yourself, and often commented code.

  • Webmonkey's - Extending Dreamweaver
    Dreamweaver can be made to do just about anything you'd want, if you know the tricks. In this two-part tutorial, Webmonkey reveal them all.
  • Webmonkey's Dreamweaver Walk-Through
    Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Webmonkey - Dreamweaver 4 Overview - Dreamweaver 4 features new graphics editing features, a revamped user interface design, improved code handling support, and a heap of features specifically designed to help you get the most out of your Web development experience. Let Wired's Webmonkey take you through the new features in Dreamweaver 4.
Java Free Online Tutorials
  • Introduction to Java
    IBM presents a free, multimedia course in Java programming. Register to download the required plug-in, or go straight to the text version

  • Java Tutorial
    Web version of the book by Mary Campione and Kathy Walrath shows how to compile and run simple Java program.

Unix Free Online Tutorials

Corel Free Online Tutorials

MSCE Certifications, Cisco

Multimedia Production


Creating Web Graphics

Perl Scripts and Resources
Java & JavaScript
  • JavaScript Tip of the Week
    Regularly updated javascript tips and tricks.

  • Gamelan
    Reference code repository for Java, JavaScript, and VRMLScript.

  • Java Boutique - Lots of free and licensed javascripts, tutorials, tips and other helpful stuff.

PHP3& 4 Tutorials
Media Resources


         Free Images

Marketing Resources

Search Engines