Single User SiteBuilder ...

With PowerScripts SiteBuilder you can build your own Web site using nothing more than your favorite browser! The novice may wish to begin with one of the  basic, fill in the blank templates of EasyPage, while the experienced user may wish to jump right in with the more flexible and robust PowerPage. Either way, SiteBuilder lets you create, manage, and edit your own Web site using nothing more than your Web browser, and your imagination. 


  • Select the style for your Web site from several pre-defined template pages.
  • Select from basic personal and business page layouts, to advanced page layout options.
  • Build each page in easy to follow, well defined steps
  • Add common elements across multiple pages by editing template Header and Footer files.
  • Flexible editing capability for different sections of each page - Add text and image links, control text size, color, table cell color, alignment, width, and hypertext links, etc...
  • Link to, delete and rename existing pages not created in SiteBuilder.
  • Add additional page templates. 
  • Automatically create "prev" and "next" page links
  • Create folders in your Web site account to store your HTML pages and images.
  • Use the built in File Upload  function to upload pages and images to your Web site.
  • Easily create online contact or order page.
  • Custom design your own templates.
  • Over 400 images to use to design your pages.
  • Easily add a Online Forum and Guestbook to your site.